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10 Published "A grip force model for the da Vinci end-effector to predict a compensation force" (2015) Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, Vol.53, No.3, pp.253-261, Mar. 2015
9 Published "A Study on the Development of a Robot-Assisted Automatic Laser Hair Removal System" (2014) Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, Vol. 32, No.11, pp.633-641, Nov. 2014
8 Published "Pneumatic-type surgical robot end-effector for laparoscopic surgical-operation-by-wire" (2014) BioMedical Engineering OnLine, Vol.13, No.130, pp.1-19, Sep. 2014
7 Published "Tool to visualize and evaluate operator proficiency in laser hair-removal treatments" (2014) BioMedical Engineering Online, Vol.13, No.40, pp.1-17, Apr. 2014
6 Published "Simulation of Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests and the Corresponding Isoglycemic Intravenous Glucose Infusion Studies for Calculation of the Incretin Effect" (2014) Journal of Korean Medical Science, Vol.29, No.3, pp.378-385, Mar. 2014
5 Published "The incretin effect in Korean subjects with normal glucose tolerance or type 2 diabetes" (2014) Clinical Endocrinology, Vol.80, No.2, pp.221-227, Feb. 2014
4 Published "Fault tolerant flight control system for the tilt-rotor UAV" (2013) Journal of The Franklin Institute, Vol.350, No.9, pp.2535-2559, Nov. 2013
3 Published "Korean Risk Assessment Model for Breast Cancer Risk Prediction" (2013) PLOS ONE, Vol.8, No.10, pp.1-9, Oct. 2013
2 Published "In-silico Evaluation of Glucose Control Protocols for Critically Ill Patients" (2012) IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDCAL ENGINEERING, Vol.59, No.1, pp.54-57, Jan. 2012
1 Published "A Survey of Fault Detection, Identification, and Reconfiguration Methods" (2010) IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Vol.18, No.3, pp.636-653, May. 2010
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