1. "Development of Stereo Endoscope System with its Innovative Master Interface for Continuous Surgical Operation" (2017)

    Author : Myungjoon Kim, Chiwon Lee, Nhayoung Hong, Yoon Jae Kim, and Sungwan Kim
    CategoryPublished JournalBioMedical Engineering OnLine, Vol.16, No.18, pp.1-16, June. 2017
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  2. "Reliability and Validity of Attitude and Heading Reference System Motion Estimation in Robot-aided Mirror Therapy System" (2017)

    Author : Wonshik Kim, Jaewon Beom, Chulwoo Park, Sukgyu Koh, Yoonjae Kim, Youdan Kim, Sun Gun Chung, Sungwan Kim
    CategoryAccepted JournalJournal of Medical and Biological Engineering
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  3. "Biomechanical Reactions of Exoskeleton Neurorehabilitation Robots in Spastic Elbows and Wrists" (2017)

    Author : Hyung Seok Nam, Sukgyu Koh, Yoon Jae Kim, Jaewon Beom, Woo Hyung Lee, Shi-Uk Lee, Sungwan Kim
    CategoryOnline Published JournalIEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering
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  4. "A Pilot Study on the Evaluation of Physicians’ Laser Delivery Performance Using a Laser Beam Detection Kit" (2017)

    Author : Wooseok Koh, Hyoung-woo Lim, Minwoo Cho, Dong-Hun Lee, Youdan Kim, Jin Ho Chung, Sungwan Kim
    CategoryPublished JournalPhotomedicine and Laser Surgery, Vol. 35, No. 6, pp.317-323, Jun. 2017
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  5. "Time-averaged simulated microgravity (taSMG) inhibits proliferation of lymphoma cells, L-540 and HDLM-2, using validated 3D clinostat" (2017)

    Author : Yoon Jae Kim, Ae Jin Jeong, Myungjoon Kim, Chiwon Lee, Sang-Kyu Ye, Sungwan Kim
    CategoryPublished JournalBioMedical Engineering Online, Vol. 16, No. 48, pp.1-12, April. 2017
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  6. "Estimation of Circadian Body Temperature Rhythm based on Heart Rate in Healthy, Ambulatory Subjects" (2017)

    Author : Soo Young Sim, Kwang Min Joo, Han Byul Kim, Seung Jin Jang, Beom Oh Kim, Seung Bum Hong, Sungwan Kim, Kwang Suk Park
    CategoryPublished JournalIEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp.407-415, Mar. 2017
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  7. "Real-time tidal volume feedback guides to optimal ventilation during simulated cardiopulmonary resuscitation" (2017)

    Author : Kyoung Min You, Chiwon Lee, Woon Yong Kwon, Jung Chan Lee, Gil Joon Suh, Kyung Su Kim, Min Ji Park, Sungwan Kim
    CategoryPublished JournalAmerican Journal of Emergency Medicine, Vol. 35, No. 2, pp.292-298, Feb. 2017
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  8. "Soft Robot Review" (2017)

    Author : Chiwon Lee, Myungjoon Kim, Yoon Jae Kim, Nhayoung Hong, Sungwan Kim
    CategoryPublished JournalInternational Journal of Control Automation and Systems, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp.3-15, Feb. 2017
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  9. "Development of a Novel Automated Hair Counting System for the Quantitative Evaluation of Laser Hair Removal" (2017)

    Author : Hyoung-woo Lim, Minwoo Cho, Dong-Hun Lee, Wooseok Koh, Youdan Kim, Jin Ho Chung, Sungwan Kim
    CategoryPublished JournalPhotomedicine and Laser Surgery, Vol. 35, No. 2, pp.116-121, Feb. 2017
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  10. "Development and clinical validation of a novel photography-based skin erythema evaluation system: a comparison with the calculated consensus of dermatologists" (2017)

    Author : Minwoo Cho, Dong-Hun Lee, Eun Jin Doh, Youngho Kim, Jin Ho Chung, Hee Chan Kim, Sungwan Kim
    CategoryOnline Published JournalInternational Journal of Cosmetic Science
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