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20 Published "Smartphone-Based Urine Reagent Strip Test in the Emergency Department" (2016) Telemedicine and e-health, Vol.22, No.6, pp.534-540, Jun. 2016
19 Published "Development and Clinical Validation of a Novel Photography-based Skin Pigmentation Evaluation System: A Comparison with the Calculated Consensus of Dermatologists" (2016) International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Vol.38, No.4, pp.399-408, Jul. 2016
18 Published "Mathematical modeling of brimonidine absorption via topical delivery of microparticles to the eye" (2016) Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.39, pp.194-202, Jul. 2016
17 Published "Proposition of novel classification approach and features for improved real-time arrhythmia monitoring" (2016) Computers in Biology and Medicine, Vol.75, pp.190-202, Aug. 2016
16 Published "Application of the Oral Minimal Model to Korean Subjects with Normal Glucose Tolerance and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus" (2016) Diabetes & Metabolism Journal, Vol.40, No.4, pp.308-317, Aug. 2016
15 Published "Robotic Mirror Therapy System for Functional Recovery of Hemiplegic Arms" (2016) Journal of Visualized Experiments, No.114, e54521, Aug. 2016
14 Published "Fabrication of three-dimensional scan-to-print ear model for microtia reconstruction" (2016) Journal of Surgical Research, Vol.206, No.2, pp.490-497, Dec. 2016
13 Published "Development of a Novel Automated Hair Counting System for the Quantitative Evaluation of Laser Hair Removal" (2017) Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, Vol.35, No.2, pp.116-121, Feb. 2017
12 Published "Soft Robot Review" (2017) International Journal of Control Automation and Systems, Vol.15, No.1, pp.3-15, Feb. 2017
11 Published "Real-time tidal volume feedback guides to optimal ventilation during simulated cardiopulmonary resuscitation" (2017) American Journal of Emergency Medicine, Vol.35, No.2, pp.292-298, Feb. 2017
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