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28 Online Published "Development and clinical validation of a novel photography-based skin erythema evaluation system: a comparison with the calculated consensus of dermatologists" (2017) International Journal of Cosmetic Science
27 Published "Fabrication of three-dimensional scan-to-print ear model for microtia reconstruction" (2016) Journal of Surgical Research, Vol. 206, No. 2, pp.490-497, Dec. 2016
26 Published "Robotic Mirror Therapy System for Functional Recovery of Hemiplegic Arms" (2016) Journal of Visualized Experiments, No. 114, e54521, Aug. 2016
25 Published "Application of the Oral Minimal Model to Korean Subjects with Normal Glucose Tolerance and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus" (2016) Diabetes & Metabolism Journal, Vol.40, No.e17, Jun. 2016
24 Published "Development and Clinical Validation of a Novel Photography-based Skin Pigmentation Evaluation System: A Comparison with the Calculated Consensus of Dermatologists" (2016) International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Vol.38, No.4, pp.399-408, Aug. 2016
23 Published "Proposition of novel classification approach and features for improved real-time arrhythmia monitoring" (2016) Computers in Biology and Medicine, Vol.75, pp.190-202, Aug. 2016
22 Published "Mathematical modeling of brimonidine absorption via topical delivery of microparticles to the eye" (2016) Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Vol.39, No.1, pp.194-202, Jul. 2016
21 Published "Smartphone-Based Urine Reagent Strip Test in the Emergency Department" (2016) Telemedicine and e-health, Vol.22, No.6, pp.534-540, Jun. 2016
20 Published "A development of assistant surgical robot system based on surgical-operation-by-wire and hands-on-throttle-and-stick" (2016) BioMedical Engineering Online, Vol.15, No.58, pp.1-19, May 2016
19 Published "Maneuverable Capsule Endoscope Based on Gimbaled Ducted-Fan System: Its Concept with Simulation Results" (2016) Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, Vol.36, No.1, pp.132-143, Feb. 2016
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