1. "A Computational Method to Determine Glucose Infusion Rates for Isoglycemic Intravenous Glucose Infusion Study" (2016)

    Author : Karam Choi, Jung Chan Lee, Tea Jung Oh, Myeungseon Kim, Hee Chan Kim, Young Min Cho, and Sungwan Kim
    CategoryPublished JournalIEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Vol.20, No.1, pp.4-10, Jan. 2016
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  2. "Improvement in Laser-Irradiation Efficiency of Robot-Assisted Laser Hair Removal Through Pose Measurement of Skin Surface" (2016)

    Author : Sungwoo Park, Hyoung-woo Lim, Minwoo Cho, Dong-Hun Lee, Wooseok Koh, Youdan Kim, Jin Ho Chung, and Sungwan Kim
    CategoryPublished JournalPhotomedicine and Laser Surgery, Vol.34, No.1, pp.42-49, Jan. 2016
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