1. "Microgravity induces autophagy via mitochondrial dysfunction in human Hodgkin’s lymphoma cells" (2018)

    Author: Ae Jin Jeong, Yoon Jae Kim, Min Hyuk Lim, Haeri Lee, Kumhee Noh, Byung-Hak Kim, Jin Woong Chung, Chung-Hyun Cho, Sungwan Kim, and Sang-Kyu Ye
    CategoryPublished JournalScientific Reports, No.8, e14646, Oct. 2018
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  2. "Fimasartan increases glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension compared with amlodipine" (2018)

    Author : Ye Seul Yang, Min Hyuk Lim, Seong Ok Lee, Eun Roh, Chang Ho Ahn, SooHeon Kwak, Young Min Cho, Sungwan Kim, Andrea Mari, Kyong Soo Park, and Hye Seung Jung
    CategoryPublished JournalDiabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, Vol.20, No.7, pp.1670-1677, Jul. 2018
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  3. “Reliability and Validity of AHRS Motion Estimation in Robot-aided Mirror Therapy System” (2018)

    Author : Wonshik Kim, Chulwoo Park, Sukgyu Koh, Yoonjae Kim, Jaewon Beom, Youdan Kim, Sun Gun Chung, and Sungwan Kim
    CategoryPublished JournalJournal of Medical and Biological Engineering, Vol.38, No.3, pp.370-377, June. 2018
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  4. "A novel summary report of colonoscopy: timeline visualization providing meaningful colonoscopy video information" (2018)

    Author : Minwoo Cho, Jee Hyun Kim, Hyoun Joong Kong, Kyoung Sup Hong, and Sungwan Kim
    CategoryPublished JournalInternational Journal of Colorectal Disease, Vol.33, No.5, pp.549-559, May. 2018
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