1. Biomedical Modeling and Control

    Constructing indivisualized model of diabetes considering effects of hormones & organs related with physiological dynamics Evaluation of therapy protocol in a computational environment using the virtual patient model
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    Early Detectin of Disease Algorithm Development

    Early Detectin of Disease Algorithm Development Availability of predicting a probability of disease occurrence for an individual with specific risk factors Showing the characteristics of population that could be used in epidemiological ...
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  3. Surgical Robots

    Draw backs of existing laparoscopic device - Hard to approach to target organ - End-effector's limited degree-of-freedom - Increased surgeon's workload Purpose of this research - Applying HOTAS* controller to surgical robot system - A feasi...
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  4. Robot-Assisted Laser Hair Removal (LHR) System

    The characteristics of operation is simple but tedious, making the practitioners to lose focus Long period of treatment causes physical pain on the practioners' neck, shoulder, biceps and wrist which leads to ineffective treatment resu...
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  5. Improving a Non-contact Skin Evaluation Device

    Aesthetics and skin-care market is rapidly growing each year. To diagnose skin pores size, color configuration and wrinkle depth, a new equipment with lower price and high quality performance is required to be developed. This project i...
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  6. Mirror Robot for Rehabilitation of Hemiplegic Arm

    Functional recovery of hemiplegic arm in stroke patients is achievable by applying mirror therapy Mirror robot exercises hemiplegic arm according to the attitude of healthy arm. Stroke patients are expected to present brain neuroplasti...
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  7. Maneuverable Capsule Endoscope

    Conventional Endoscopes cause pain and an unpleasant feeling in patients In oder to overcome such limitations with endoscopes, capsule endoscope that a patient can swallow was recently developed The goal of the research of Man...
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  8. Human Space Biology: Micro-gravity

    To explore the space, a research on Human Space Biology(HSB) is required to overcome some physiological changes under the extreme space environments Random positioning machine was developed for simulating the extreme physical condition...
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  9. Brain Machine Interface via Real-time brain Signals: Thought-controlled Robot Arm

    Our research team present a Brain Machine Interface six degree of freedom of a robot arm is controlled by the cortical activations on the motor cortex Stroke patients are expected to maintain independence of activities of daily living
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  10. Smart Wheelchair

    Drastic increase of the elderly results in increase of wheelchair use Previous electric wheelchairs are not helpful when user is in danger Wheelchair which contains health parameter estimation system can be proposed Acquisition techn...
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  11. Automatic measuring instrument for range of motion in patients with spondyloarthropathy

    강직 척추염 질환의 진행, 치료의 평가에 전 세계적으로 유용하게 사용되는 BASMI 항목을 측정함에 있어서 현재는 사람이 직접 측정을 하고 있으나, 정확도 및 피로도 등의 문제가 대두되고 있음 본 연구에서는 이미지 센서 및 레이저 센서를 기반으로 ...
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  12. Poly Detection

    Early diagnosis & removal are primary of preventing colorectal cancer Hight variation rate of detecting polyps by doctors's skills & experiences Hard to find & remove all polyps in colon by one colonoscopy In colonosc...
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